October 20, 2019
Prayer List


We Hold in Prayer: Pray for the Church in the Province of the West Indies
In our Diocese: Please pray for our Bishops: John and Diane; and our Presiding Bishop, Michael.
In our Parish:  Please pray for Spring Huemme, Celia Lovell, Mark Williams, and all those involved in communications for the Parish.
Healing For: Betty, Kellie Marie, Lori, Cheryl, Maryclare, Mathilda Guillory, Geneva Savoy, Elaine Viele, Harry & Martha Ann Garnett, Bill Major, Betsy, Kelly Joiner, Barbara McCrary, Morgan, Laurie Zeh, Curt Bower, Barry Rillera.
Constant Prayer: George, Forrest Wilson, Dale Zeh, Diane & Bill, Frank Mansfield, Rain Ahrens.
Comfort, Guidance & Discernment for: Diane, Gabriela Estrada, Elizabeth, Carol Wassmann, those who are experiencing stress and discomfort in their lives, those who are in the process of making major decisions.
Those who are traveling: Jody
Those who have been deployed: All military personnel and their families.
Giving Thanks for the life of: Jack Clarke & Shirley Wilson.



Prayer requests may be made by calling the church office at (949) 492-3401 or Email info@scbythesea.org
Prayers for Healing, for Comfort & Discernment, and for Pets will remain on the Prayer List for 4 weeks.