We Hold in Prayer: Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, The Most Revd Suheil Dawani, Archbishop, Jerusalem & the Middle East & Archbishop in Jerusalem.

In our Diocese: Please pray for our Bishops: Diane and John; and our Presiding Bishop, Michael.

In our Parish:   Please pray for our ministry to our youth, giving thanks for Sarah Harrison, and our nursery attendant, Ashley Hangan.  Please keep our youth leaders, and vestry, especially Tatia Wallett (chair for Christian Education) in your prayers as we discern God’s will in the faith formation of our youth.

Healing for: John Ashbrook, Dr. Edward Johnson, Karen Williams, Karen R., Larry Gates, Chris LaBarthe, Bert Bradley, Morgan, Rich Suda, Clayton Lovell, Low Spearman, Cassie Workman, Jan Lee-Thorp, Myrna Gray, Barry Rillera, Steve Ambellan, Lanneau Miller, Mark Johnson

Constant Prayer: Diane & Bill, Tom Cross, Fred Langford, Thelma Aragon, Craig Stoddard, Dale Zeh, Michael Magana, David Knapp, Andrew Castillo, DJ Atkinson, Kristin Williams, Vic Cumming, Jessica Mueller, Karen Lee-Thorp, Robin Lee-Thorp, Kevin, Marcela Angevine, Wesley Barrett, Audrey Daigle, Joseph Scott Jr., Marie Guillory, Gary Underwood, Jack Clarke, Frank Mansfield, Marlene Brown, JR Walz, Weston Rowan, April, Rain Ahrens

All those living with AIDS & HIV: Jimmy

Comfort, Guidance and Discernment for: The Warren Family, Rose Bradley, Elizabeth, Edwina Quayle, Carol Wassmann, Samantha Berges, Saulo Gutierrez, those who are experiencing stress and discomfort in their lives, those who are in the process of making major decisions, the families and friends of those who have been deployed, and all who have lost loved ones in war.

Those who have been deployed: All military personnel and their families.

Those who are traveling: Christi & Trisha Seminoff, Jim & Paget Merriman, Alex, Jon, Char.

Giving Thanks for the life of: Wallace Morgan, Robert Warren, All victims of war.

Pray for our beloved pets: Kiki, Hanna.

Prayer requests may be made by calling the church office at (949) 492-3401 or Email
Prayers for Healing, for Comfort & Discernment, and for Pets will remain on the Prayer List for 4 weeks.