In our Diocese:   Please pray for our Bishops: Jon, Diane and our Presiding Bishop, Michael.


In our Parish:  Please pray for Heath Stropp, Patty Clarke, Diana Olmedo and others involved in Evangelism and congregational development, for all who help to make this a welcoming place for newcomers and visitors.  Pray for our ushers and greeters.


Healing for:  Lanneau Miller, Esmeralda Angelone, Virginia Salmela, Naty Reyes,  Jan Schuneman, Monica Lee Copeland, Yvonne Miller, Robbie Miller, Robert Hume, Dale Zeh, Heather Wheeler, Gerry Beegan, Alice Brodus, Seth Foerster, Cindy Hunter, Fred Langford, Andrea, Mark Johnson, Leslie Meyer, Bert Bradley, Laurie Zeh, Jane Freeman, Marna, Thomas Seminoff, Tatia Wallett, Dorothy Knapp, Larry, Bert, Trish Chase


Constant Prayer: Andrew Castillo, Al Gray, Gerri Knapp, Matt R., DJ Atkinson, Kevin R., Logan S., Joe Sullivan, Octavio Diaz-Lizzaraga, Lianna Nespor, Dristin and Laurie, Keith Arnold, Gail Haley, Robert & Michael, Steve Caporaso, Diana Garcia, Maria, Bob Riley, Pat Broudy, Kristin Williams, Becky, Rain, Barbie Nielsen, Doug Gilmore, Emily & Todd, Vic Cumming, Jessica Mueller, Karen Lee-Thorp, Robin Lee-Thorp, Kevin, Marcela Angevine, Wesley Barrett, Melissa & Family, Robert N., Audrey Daigle, Joseph Scott Jr., Marie Guillory, Craig Salmela, Gary Underwood, Ellen Glover, Lanneau, Jack Clarke, Lynda Stankey, Frank Mansfield, Lorraine Grace, Marlene Brown, JR Walz, Ruth Harvey, Weston Rowan, Barbie Nielsen, April, Larry, Mother Albertine Rouse, Jim Merriman, Francis Edwards


All those living with AIDS & HIV: Jimmy


Comfort, Guidance and Discernment for: Samantha Berges, Saulo Gutierrez, the Hendriks family. Those who are experiencing stress and discomfort in their lives, those who are in the process of making major decisions, the families and friends of those who have been deployed, and all who have lost loved ones in war.


Those who have been deployed: 1st Battalion, 5th Marines, and all military personnel.


Those who are traveling:  MacKenzie Murphy, Alex, Tayler, Jon


Giving Thanks for the life of: Jane “Jennie” Quayle and All victims of war. 


Pray for our beloved pets: Kiki, Hanna.