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St. Clement's Annual Fundraiser Saturday, November 21st - 7 to 8:30 p.m.

2020 has been tough on all of us - our St Clement's has missed out on income from user fees others traditionally paid to hold meetings and events, and our weekly plate offerings have been reduced to almost nothing.  While we know we can't make up everything from this fundraiser, we can help our position and reduce the need to dip into our limited reserves.

So, we’re throwing a fundraiser party on Saturday, November 21, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. and we hope everyone joins in.

The Rockin’ Jazz Big Band Orchestra, based in San Diego,  is comprised of top talent who normally be playing with visiting headliners or Broadway shows making their way through San Diego.  Instead, they will be playing American Standards and other toe-tapping music in the St. Clement’s parish hall, while each of us will be enjoying their music remotely from the safety of your own home. Make it a pandemic party, invite your “quarantine pod”.  After all, this might be the first party you’ve attended in quite a while.

There will also be an auction conducted during the event.  If you have anything you’d like to donate please contact me (see my contact info below).

Tickets are $100 per household.  Click on the link (ADD TO CART) at the top of this page.  A ticket will also register you for the auction we'll be holding that evening.

Between now and November 21 we’ll be sending further information, and also posting fun video clips on this page from some of our church leaders with messages about the fundraiser and what they will do if we meet our target    Make sure and check them out - they will be less than a minute in length and hopefully entertaining.


Pat Warren from the vestry tells us how he'll contribute musically if we reach our goal of $10,000.
Let's hear from Pat

Fr Patrick has a unique perspective on Thanksgiving side dishes....check it out!
Let's hear from Fr. Patrick

Mary Colarik, promising something impressive if we make our fundraising goal.  Check it out!
Let's hear from Mary Colarik

See what Ray Spencer plans to do if we make our goal.
Let's take a look at what Ray has to say

See you on the 21st! Please call me or email me with any questions.

Ray Spencer