St. Clement’s

Community Youth Group

All are welcome!

St. Clement’s Community Youth Group is welcome to all children in the community, and big kids too! We do ask that children age 8 and younger are accompanied by an adult. Our youth group focuses on teaching children the importance of community. Some of our activities may include:

  • Hosting game nights for senior citizens
  • Bagging lunches for the homeless
  • Organizing clothing and food drives

We know that kids need to have fun too, and will often have movie nights, kick-ball games, and board game nights. We strive to meet regularly to discuss what is going on in our community and share ideas with one another.

Religion is not taught at this group. However, St. Clement’s welcomes all to our Sunday services. You will find that the Episcopal Church teaches love and values diversity.

Please submit a contact form to receive updates from our youth group.

We hope you can join us!